Massive Attack In Goa

If Massive Attack had ever go on a retreat to Goa and started making DubStep I think it would sounded something like this. ‘Protecting Hands Part 2′ is by a production outfit called CLOUDS and its a really unique, innovative and engrossing piece of New Music.


‘You’re All Over My Head’ is the latest JESSE ROSE effort that I’m really feeling. I’m still over his awesome ‘Touch My Horn’ track but this might well sneak up on the record box inside and take over. Great old skool sample and then a reall driving dirty beat great for 3.47am


BUSTA RHYMES is without doubt my favourite rapper, an incredibly distinctive voice, great lines and just an awesome all round vocal modjo. Totally feeling his new hook-up with T-PAIN but that ain’t saying that much ‘cause I totally feel pretty much everything he has ever done (except the Pussycat Dolls thing but lets not mention that… blame the record company and hey could you say no to Nicol?!). Check out ‘Hustler 2009’.

Nml x