Masters At Work at The Superbowl?!

The odd record label or two has started sending me stuff but I never get to talk to you about it cause its always commercial rubbish. Don’t get me wrong I’m chuffed to notch that first mark on the record plugger’s bedpost but I’m clearly in the category marked something like ‘yeh we’ve got some spare why not/ we need to shift a few more of these to make up the numbers’. So this is quite an exciting moment when I first get to say to you…

“I received something rather special in the post this weekend”.. from one of my many record label contacts you understand (!) . To be fair I knew I was on to a winner the moment I regained consciousness from the fact I’d somehow got onto 4HERO’s mailing list, after all I’m still keeping this whole thing on a need to know basis, come to think of it they’re the sort of peeps I need to know.

Needless to say their new track is tops, a beautiful record with a couple of sick mixes too. If you wanna chill go for the original, groove its all about the house mix and rave-on to the DnB mix. The track is called ‘Morning Child‘ – Love it.

Keepin the eclectic groove vibe alive Gilles Peterson started his latest show with a cracking and very random track by ELEMENTS OF LIFE called ‘One Dream’. And it gets more random.. when ringing my mate up in an excited frenzy about this track he trys to tell me it was a special release for the Superbowl by Masters at Work!! Regardless of whether this is true its defo not been released in the UK so its brand new and I can tell ya about it : 0 )


Two more tracks that got me dancing this week included a Pete Tong discovery on his Fast Trax vodcast. A real old skool piece of funky house which I still have no shame in loving but Tong is not normally so forthcoming on these days, the track is called ‘Something About The Way‘ and the artist is TERABEATS ft JAMES COLLINS and I definitely agree with Mr Tong on this selection.

Even better however is a piece of disco house that will probably make most teenagers these days vomit except those who started young on Radio One and can just about remember the house music institution that was Danny Rampling’s Love Groove Dance Party. STAR CHASER – Let Your Mind Go Free is 100% new but with massive nods to the the 90s handbag era not to mention the 70s disco that if I could only borrow Dr Who’s Tardis for one night I’d just have to visit, watch out Travolta I’m coming!

Yesterday after I’d hung up my disco shoes I quite enjoyed being castigated and reminded by friends that I hadn’t yet mentioed THE WOMBATS – ‘Let’s Dance to Joy Division’.

Job done.

nml x