Miserable Disc Jockeys Keeping Us Apart

Heard at least three amazing dance tracks over the weekend which really got me going but a combination of miserable disc jockeys and whitelabel anonymity mean I only have the vital stats of one of them to share with you, please forgive me.

The new track from HERVE (who’s Jacko sampling thing still hasn’t come out) is another mashed up corker. I can’t actually remember what it sampled (it was late, you get the vibe) I just know it was ace and I made a geeky note on me mobile that I had to share it with ya. Its called ‘Rocky Raver‘.

Finally found out the name of the house track that uses the sample on that Lloyds TSB advert, another advert powered number one perhaps? Probably not but it is almost hypnotically catchy… oh sorry you wanna know what its called? MARK BROWN (who I think is part of the MYNC Project) is the artist and ‘The Journey Continues‘ is the name of the track, all go ooh ah ah ooh ooh ooh ah ah in a really high pitched almost choral way.

Handbrake turn away from house and not a very cool admission these days but my love of all things funky does mean I really like the new JOSS STONE tune. I also like the fact she’s now old enough for me to admit fancying her without feeling like part of the dodgy Mac Brigade! The track is called ‘Baby, Baby, Baby‘ (is it me or do all good soul tracks have at least one ‘baby’ in the title?)

nml x