Monsters Monster Chemical Brothers Monster

Some great House music about as the sun finally shines down on the UK. I’m excited to hear YVES LAROCK and ‘Lift Your Leg Up’ have another go at the charts but how can any fan of electronic dance music talk about anything other than the arrival of ‘Electronic Battle Weapon Ten’ from the legends of dance (sounds like a dodgy Irish theatre troupe) that are the CHEMICAL BROTHERS. Another monster (crikey I’m using that word more than Nick Grinshaw uses ‘AMazing’) from the Chems.

Pop-House wise I think DAVID GUETTA has a decent shot at another Top Ten track with the James Bond sounding ‘Tomorrow Can Wait’ but for me its all about me finally identifying a track I’ve been hearing out a lot. Beepy and unique but in a more subtle Claude Von Stroke way than in your face Sinden way I love JOHN DAHLBACK’s ‘Pyramid’. I’d be pleasantly surprised if this crossed over but underground anthem status is a sure-shot (waheeyyy I avoided saying monster).

eric hall x