More Swinging Sixties Free Luv

Have you heard of GIVERS? You have? Man you’re always a step ahead of me! They’ve just floated into my world courtesy of a track I believe is going to be released in the summer called ‘Saw Your First’. PUT ON CHEESY DJ VOICE… I may have seen them last but I am loving this track… cough cough.

With the sun shining, once it finally kicks it you can have nothing but love for the SHAZAM Remix of Toni Toni Lee’s Disco House stomper ‘Feelin Real Good’. I sense the love might turn to morning after night before regret when the sun runs away but whilst it’s shining really feeling this big time with the weekend imminent.

The swinging 60s Free Luv vibes of TAME IMPALA first came to my glazed and tripped out attention March last year (Man I love my new search feature!). They are back and new track ‘Solitude Is Bliss’ is incredible, listen to this very loud and get an insight what it was like living in 1967, if you can remember afterwards.





SHAZAM: Start of