Mozart Composed DnB

Ooh some top notch tuneage to share with you my friend, that said being as on it as you are you probably already know about these tunes, indulge me baby.

The new track from LAOS is a gorgeous piece of (for want of a better expression) ‘Orchestral DnB’, if DnB existed in whatever century Austria Mozart lived he would have made music like this. Seriously you gotta hear ‘Something Beautiful’ it really lives up to its name.

Glasvegas made a big impression in 2008 not just with the quality of their song-writing or the vigor of their live show but perhaps more than anything the levels of angst and emotion in both. And I’m a big believer that indie angst and emotion sow the seeds for ball-grabbing remixes!. You have gotta check out the totally unofficial and totally ace ELLIOT JAMES Remix of Glasvegas’s ‘Go Square Go’.

And if out and out House Music is your vibe, particular with more than a smidgeon of Disco glitter than there is a really nice reoworking of tha classic Shakedown track At Night. Its by eSQUIRE, its ‘new’ name is  ‘Intoxicated At Night’ and when its the middle of the night and this drops Good Times reign on the dancefloor : 0 )