Mumford and Sons, Morning Parade and Remixes of The XX

I made the trek to Bradford last night and oh was it worth, what an incredible gig it was, definitely more than ‘average’ (in-joke if you were there) I will never forget my evening with MUMFORD AND SONS, Laura Marling and the Dharohar Project. Incredible. Amongst the first album gems and the new EP we did get two new tracks, ‘Lover Of The Light’ my sound like a Phil Collins track (and was delivered as such with Marcus singing and drumming) but it stood out as gem.

A big, big, big sounding You Tube discovery this morning in the form of new band MORNING PARADE. They’re definitely a band but with a real euphoric dance feel too (if this track is anything to o by) BUT that description will incorrectly get your thinking of Bloc Party or Late Of The Pier. These guys are more like what Bruce Springsteen might have produced had he been born in 1984 in deepest Essex brought up on a late 90s teenage diet of UK Garage.

THE DARK SKY ROUGH BOUNCE REMIX of The XX’s ‘Crystallised’ is immense. Nuff said.