Musical Bits of Rough

Heard some incredbile New Music this weekend and also some musical surprises too. None more so than the phenomena that was me hearing and enjoying a track off the New STREETS album. Never been a fan but ‘Sherry End’ really grabbed me with its funky vibes, Skinner goes Disco!

ASHER D’s New track ‘Oh No Woah’ (Part 2 VIP Special) my not be the happiest song title in the history of Music but it has a real power to it. It has the musical equivalent of the aura that person has who you really fancy even though they don’t look all that, a musical bit of rough I guess you could say ; 0 ) Kicked off Ras Kwames most recent Radio One show in real style.

The final artist I want to mention cause they hail from that punk rock sound which is possibly the least mentioned on BN as diverse as we strive to be. If we accept its not my number one bag the fact this grabbed me so is ever the more intriguing. Check out New band MC RUT and their track  ‘Busy Bein’ Born‘. Zane Lowe seems to think they’re destined for big things and who am I to argue with the Zipper?

nml x


STREETS bout 2mins 20secs into album sampler track

RUT bout 50 mins in (Mon)

ASHA start of