Musical Page Three Girls

For me possibly the biggest shame of Radio One’s reschedule last September was that me and Ras Kwame don’t get to spend Wednesday evenings together any more (and let’s not even mention the tragedy that was losing Mr Nelson’s Soul Nation). My fondness for Omar( his studio guest this week) forced me to get my online ass in gear and check out his show on listen again and he kindly intro’d me to a couple of musical Page 3’s, so now its my turn to continue sharing the good vibes minus any analysis courtesy of Rebeca 19 from Essex.

Ras kicked off his show with as he would say a ‘sick’ tune which has got to be one of the ranker ways of describing an off-the-hook BIG tune. I can promise you there wasn’t a semi-decomposed bacteria covered piece of last night’s dinner in sight when Ras played ROOTS MANUVA & STONE’s ‘Amen’ which is an awesomely up-beat funky track and perfect for starting any radio show unless your fond of trance trousers and rolling phat ones.

And just a few tracks later instead of doing my homework I found myself bursting out some impromptu moves to the sounds of the STICKY remix of ALISON HINDS’s ‘Roll It Gal’, something tells me she most certainly does.


Keeping the urban vibe of this post alive I haven’t yet mentioned the pending new album from MIA which is out next week and kindly is up for sampling in full at the moment on her myspace page. At times her tunes can leave me feeling confused and my head can actually hurt, much like normal at about 5 in the morning. But even when I don’t like a MIA tune I always respect it cause she pushes boundaries and even more excitingly for me she fuses them too and that’s a key part of what new music is all about I feel. Can’t wait to see her on tour. You can check those tracks right here..