Musical Self Harm

I only like to talk positively about music. If you love music your passion is to get it out there to be enjoyed by others, why ‘musically self-harm’ and toxify yourself by being negative about music? So when I hear the New Killers record I just have to take a deep breath and move on.

It also means when I get a track I’m unsure of I often um and ah only to finally conceed defeat and therefore loving admiration… three weeks after that random little artist has broken into the Top 40 for the first ever time! Such could be the case with the new BABY J track, a producer I’ve mentioned before and do like, the new track has ‘trying to get in the charts and make some money’ written all over it and why should we think any the less of it for that. ‘Set The Trend’ is very catchy, really poppy.

Which is quite an apt description for a track by a producer called LE LE. ‘Disco Vraiment’ is exactly the sort of camp Disco House track that I am a sucker for in the process ruining any credibilty I might have self-delusionally managed to build up in my own mind. Boggie time!

THE HAIR are a totally new band to me who are supporting the Kaiser Chiefs on their winter tour (and there is more than a touch of Mr Wilson in their vocal style) and the spot of which might get me some cred back. Yet another group of musical genius evoloving out of the mighty Leeds ‘Blood’ is a full on Indie Banger. This is a really good piece of Brand New Music.

nml x




LE LE Bout 15mins in to