Musical Seven Pinters

I have a confession to make. I was out boogieing over the weekend and at about 1am the DJ played a huge piece of disco house, not a particularly fashionable sound these days, often portrayed as cheesey and likely to lead to shouts of ‘on your own, on your own’ from all the too cool for skool electro kids hiding around the dance floor edges school disco style but I loved it. Always a sucker for disco and as you know a lover of all new music I clearly had to bother and annoy the DJ until he told me the identity of my new friend. Imagine my horror when I realised I was having positive, euphoric feelings to the sound of the new track from UNITING NATIONS!

Oh the shame, the shame. Lets be honest we all have our guilty pleasures but normally they’re safely tucked away in the cupboard marked ‘Xmas Party’ but here I was at a supposedly reasonably on it house club enjoying the latest club banger from the not so mighty UN. Its called… well I’m not sure I think the trauma has forced this info to the back of my subconscious but I must as much as I hate to admit that if you like big gay disco house music it’s rather good.

Thankfully on Friday I had hit my local indie disco, not literally you understand as that would be an unfriendly and rather aggressive way to start a night out. There I experienced just how good the new MILBURN track sounds on a decent system, I think ‘What Will You Do (When the Money Goes)’ is going to do rather well, might even chart. I also experienced for the first time the new WE START FIRES track called ‘Play You’ which is really good and is out very soon. Can you tell I really want to get back to the electronic dance music side of things in a desperate attempt to grab back some semblance of credibility???

The other tune on Saturday night that really caught my attention was a bootleg that took on the risky/ inspired (delete as you see appropriate) challenge of bootying one of my favourite house tracks of all time Master At Work’s ‘Work’ with one of my favourite house tracks of the last year ROMAN FLUGEL’s – ‘Geht’s Nocht’. The result is in my opinion inspired and MAW vs ROMAN FLUGEL – ‘Work Nocht’ was so euphoric it almost helped me forget the trauma of my being seduced by the musical equivalent of a seven pinter the Uniting Nations track.