Musical Stealth Bombers

So have you heard it yet? You know what its like when you are anticipating new music from a big band or just an out and out personal fav who you’ve personally come to love over the years. The nerves, the sweaty palms, the pre first date-esque anticipation. What new direction will they take things? Will they go backwards or stay as they are? Well with THE HIVES from what I have heard so far it is definitely the later. Their awesome new track ‘Tick, Tick Boom‘ is classic HIVES, nothing fancy just loud, funky guitar music. They are the sort of band and this is the sort of song that you can hear for the first time and know immediately who its by. Hey who needs to experiment when there’s some serious rocking out to be done : 0 )

COMMON on the other hand is a chap who likes to experiment. The new album seems to be getting generally good vibes but I’ve noticed some strongly varied opinions on the tracks within. I haven’t heard it all yet but thanks to Dynamite MC’s Monday night show on Kiss I was introduced to an album gem ‘Play Your Cards Right’ which is smokin, forget the singles and get delving my friend!


Forgive my ignorance but I had never heard of DEVENDRA BANHART beofre Annie Mac kindly introduced me to them/ him/ her (yep gotta admit I don’t really know) let alone their new tune ‘Lover‘ but now I find myself wanting to know much more than their anaemic myspace will currently tell me. How do I describe this tune? Hill billy influenced pop with a touch of Mark Ronson funky vibes? Good fun and definitely one to unexpectedly get that ass wiggling in, a covert ass wiggler if you will, the musical equivalent of a stealth bomber on a mission to funk. I’m going to stop now.

Ooh except to mention I got my hands on the some new mixes for CARL KENNEDY’s (insert your own obvious neightbours joke here) ‘Ride The Storm’ and I am particularly liking the MYNC efforts, mainly cause they’re exactly the same as the original! I’d be after a refund Carl sir.

nml x