Musical Swamp

There are two reasons why I always love PLANTLIFE and make that three as to why I love this new track ‘Love Toy’:

  • Jack Splash has an amazingly unique and sexy voice that can turn even the most hetero male
  • Everything they touch is funky-ass
  • And breaking news re this awesome new song.. it uses one of my fav samples last used in my memory by Janet Jackson of all people.

Now how did I not know about this song before?

On a much less feelgood tip but no the less compelling as a piece of New Music heads up to SUKH KNIGHT. Think I’ve mentioned him before here. His new track is dark, dark, dark and I do like my moody tracks, gives me some musical contrast with all that big, gay disco funky stuff I like! ‘Knightlife’ is slow and menacing, its musical swamp in a very good the gold and the princess lies beyond it kinda way.

There is a hint of Darkness in a depressed indie band kinda way about this CHEW LIPS track which you can download for free. Thanks to The Lipster (and the band) for sorting out ‘Solo’ on their site. And if you’re feeling too depressed don’t bottle a listen cause there are plenty of fun Atari style noises in this to perk ya up no end – especially if you’re a geek!

Nml x