Mysterious Members Of The Opposite Sex

Up for something just a tad more than a bit mental? Thought so. Check the link below for the man who can always be relied on to deliver when it comes to wanting brand new music that will have you questioning the sanity of your ears. ‘Fresh Hex’ by BECK.

Just like me fellow blogger who intro’d me to this track, the artist is as new to me as the song. Quite hard to describe what I like about this song, like that member of the opposite sex ya fancy and you’re not quite sure why. Check the mysterious musical sex appeal of the RATATAT Remix of David Dallas and ‘Till Tomorrow’.

Mentioned EVERYTHING EVERYTHING a few times on Brand Nu. The hype is certainly building and rightly so in my opinion, the next great band from the mighty north-west of England perhaps? I’m loving the individual, unique vibe of their new track ‘Schoolin’, particularly love the whistle, man I am a sucker for whistles!