Nasal Male Grooming

MICKY P KERR’s ‘Vanity’ is one of those almost spoken word tunes that I’m generally a sucker for unless written by The Streets (although even that hard and fast rule of my musical taste seems to be weakening). Especially when addressing the big issues of the day such as male grooming in the nasal department, I wonder what he chats about on the actual A-Side?

Another track that I am enjoying musically but really caught my imagination through its lyrics, the headline lyric in fact, of SEASICK STEVE ‘Started Out With NothingAnd I’ve still got most of it left‘. That made me smile for some reason I can’t quite put my finger on.

Nearly every time I post there is one BIG track that has captured by heart, mind and dancing shoes over the weekend. Traditionaly funk would rule in this field but increasingly dirt and squelch is getting in on the act. When a tune that is all three comes along its clearly all over, the MUMDANE Remixof Evil Nine ‘All The Cash‘ is one such track.

nml x


EVIL 51 mins in


MICKY 12mins in