Naughty Cousin Funk

The souful hiphop vibes of B.O.B.  sounded fabulous when fate positively conspired to bring them to my ears just as the sun made a not frequent enough appearance over the weekend just gone. If you like the old skool hiphop stuff from peeps like J5 and Arrested Development your ears will enjoy ‘Put Me On’.

Swap soulful for its close cousin chilled and we have a ‘kinda-apt’ description for the new NOAH AND THE WHALE track. ‘Blue Skies’ has a real gruff, chilled groove to it that I like a lot.

Now lets meet another cousin of soulful that being naughty cousin funk. Always loved THE HEAVY on Brand Nu, very excited to hear a new album is on the way and really enjoying the first track ‘Sixteen’, these guys were born to groove.

Nml x