Naughty Movies

A small but perfectly formed eclectic collection to share with you from my weekend. Free lollipops all round if you can tell me what the… aahhhh its on the tip of my tongue but I just get place it…. sample is in the MONKEY DUBZ record ‘Venus in Furs‘??

A title which in itself rises a wry grin to combat the can’t name the sample frustration… reason for the grin being it makes me think of a 1970s soft porn movie, not that I’ve ever seen any of those if you’re reading mummy. Great tune.

There are new mixes flying around of the Full Intention classic ‘I Believe In You’. Possibly one of my top 10 all time house records I can’t give it a full mention cause the only decent mix I’ve heard basically doesn’t change it so rates as a very tenuous claim to being new (hence no bold). That said (as previously mentioned) as a greenie I do admire the recycling nature of house music, very 2007.

Working up the house music recycling vibe a notch are WHELAN and DISCALA. They have taken on a dance music classic, made it their own and done a fine good job of it. I am loving their mix of DAFT PUNK’s classic ‘Da Funk.

All good but by a Jamaican mile my favourite musical discovery of this week is the new track from WAYNE MARSHALL, his Party Like 1975’ is an upfront funky dancehall monster that could cross-over into the charts if this music wasn’t so marginalised by both the record industry and our media. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

nml x