New Backstreet Boys?!

Kissy Sell-Out sessions on Radio One are a mixture of fabulous energy and radio horror as he bounds around like an enthusiastic teenager who’s been allowed to get drunk at his older sisters wedding. I’m not sure whether I’m feeling it or it is simply a mash-up too far but the track that certainly stood out was the HEADSHOTBOYZ remix of Backstreet Boys, yes Backstreet Boys, ‘Everybody’ getting the ‘Squelch Bass’ treatment.

Out and about my stand out tune was a classic (in the making) piece of MOTO BLANCO funky house remix magic. Its quite brave taking on a tune of the magnitude of Express 2’s ‘Lazy’ but MB has done an outstanding job.

Something very distinct that I caught at the end of my weekend was Huw Stephens standing in for Rob Da Bank late on Sunday night (you know when Kelly Osborne has finished massacring the airwaves) with a track by a band called the KAROSHI BROTHERS. Their track ‘Love the World’ is very hard to describe which I like cause if you can’t compare it to anything that shows how original a sound it must be. I guess you’ll just have to trust me and check it out.

Nml x


Backstreet (30mins in)

Karoshi (55mins in)