Not much clubbing going on this evening being a Mo…

Not much clubbing going on this evening being a Monday in the holidays and all but heard some good tunes on the wireless that made me smile. Mr Zipper Lowe has clearly finally been checking out Mr Peterson cause he’s started dropping tracks off the new Elektrons album (forthcoming August I believe). You might remember I was going on about their ‘Joy’ track over the weekend and last month I couldn’t get enough of ‘Get Up’ on my show, well Zane played it last night as it actually stopped raining for three minutes, the sun came out and the world seemed a happier and definitely funkier place for a moment or two. Other big tracks Zane played worth keeping those Brand Nu music loving ears peeled for are:

New Kanye featuring Daft Punk – ‘Stronger’
New Go! Team – ‘Grip like a Vice’
and new Dan Le Sac. Zane is playing ‘Beat that my heart skipped’ which I do like but isn’t as good as some of their other stuff I’ve heard, need to see these boys live!

Not so sure I must say about either the new Hard Fi or Smashing Pumpkins, maybe they’ll grow on me.

John Kennedy had a new kid on the block (to me anyway) in the studio called Eugene someone who had some nice tunes in a kinda Jack Penate way but with a bit of satire to his lyrics. The track to watch out for is ‘Monsters under the bed’. Speaking of tracks to watch out for if you still pine after the mid-90s and britpop and its height you’ll love the Coxon/ Weller collaboration, not out till late July rumours are certain download sites have it available already.