A couple of you have asked me where I’ve been? The answer?? To the home of the worst drivers in the world!!!!!!!!!!

Bali drivers are totally and utterly mental. It’s like bumper cars with the Marines when they’re in a really bad mood, it’s totally Wild West not just on their roads but their pavements too, yep that’s right when they’ve got bored of being stuck in traffic beeping to no avail and giving evils to the driver next to them they start driving on the pavements!!!!!!!!!

Absolutely mental.

Parisian drivers are pushy, they’re pretty hard core in Istanbul and Bangkok but man Bali you take the ‘driving like nutters’ biscuit, and by a long way!

Nice island though, as long as you don’t die in a car crash.




PS Just to be clear the people in Bali are some of the friendliest I have ever met, as long as you meet them on dry land, wet land (the beach) but not a petrol powered vehicle. Quicker than you can say “Where’s there’s blame there’s a claim” something happens to their bio-chemistry the moment they turn on that engine, insane.

PPS Hi DJ if you’re reading this! Big thanks for lending me your floor : 0 )