Oasis and Dodgy Texan Rockers

I’m not going to mention the new OASIS record as that’s just too obvious, they don’t exactly struggle for exposure and even though it is new in theory its not exactly cutting edge innovative is it? Not that you’d expect anything else from reliable old Oasis. I appear to have made a comment now.

New, innovative and bringing in to 2007 surely the most genius track name so far are NEW ROYAL FAMILY. I really like their new track making the fantastic name a fab bonus, how can you say anything else than yes, yes, yes to the question ‘Anyone Fancy A Chocolate Digestive’. Perhaps ask em if they’ve got any Hobknobs too?

Best dance track over the weekend came into my life on Friday evening courtesy of Annie Mac. Generally too much old stuff in that show for me but I was loving the B-More Mix of THE SUPREMES of all people and their ‘Keep Me Hangin‘. A big, big funky house track.

Annie’s tune of the week is also a pretty useful selection. Another cracker from ALTER EGO its called ‘Why Not‘ and will definitely do it for you if you like the dirtier more electro sounding side of house music.

nml x




Be careful not scare you ear drums by confusing dance producer extraordinare Alter Ego with dodgy Texan rock band of the same name.