Off Ur Nut Japanese Pop Stars via Ireland

JAPANESE POP STARS new track ‘Rise of Ulysses’ is absolutely off ur nut phenomenal. Big, basey, squelchy noise that appeals to primeval instincts within your gut you quite possibly didn’t even know you have, especially if your normally into James Blunt or other pop pap. And all from Ireland not Japan!

I’ve liked the The Heavy for quite a while now, their modtro funk really does it for me. So when I heard their ‘Colleen’ track had been remixed in the style of my fav current genre (DnB) I needed to hear more. I have yet to hear this in a club where I expect the full impact will be as disgusting and immense as with the JPSs above but even without that experience I’m loving the RHYTHM BEATER’s remix.

On a totally different vibe but still very much maintaining a good energy are a new band on my radar called THE DISPLACEMENTS.
Doing some research on them they have actually had some good press and appear to be building quite a following (60k friends on myspace). Most importantly they have got some great tunes, stand outs for me being ‘Lazy Bones’ and ‘James I’d Like To Apologise’.

nml x