Oh I Say That’s Rather Pleasant

So there I am desperately trying to look cool and non-plussed. Of course I am secretly bricking it as I prepare to jump on the decks in front of a throng of thousands (ok about 13 but that kinda makes it more nerve racking) but then I am transported to another place…

I don’t remember much from a very hectic and intense weekend but I do remember the arrival in my life of the fantastic and ever so slighlty distrubly named that it makes me fell slightly ill FAKE BLOOD mix of Armand’s I Want Your Soul. Sick name, old record but new mix so it counts for us (I think).


I do remember one other dance discovery but only cause I cheated and listen to The Essential Selection again this morning. What happens when you link up West Coast classic 60’s with upfront electro Aussies? The answer is Dirty South vs The Doors – ‘The End’ and its rather a pleasant tune too if that isn’t a ridiculous word to use about a dance track!