Old Skool Late 1960s Cop TV Shows

There are some exceptional tunes out there at the moment. I really the like old skool late 1960s Cop TV show feel of WHITE DENIM’s ‘I Start To Run’. A tune that walks down the street with the swagger of knowing all the crims r terrified and that he’s going to give three lucky ladies the best night of their lives that evening.

The new Jack White project isn’t a million miles away from that kinda vibe either (maybe a bit more early 70s and just the two ladies??). DEAD WEATHER’s ‘Treat Me Like Your Mother’ is a really gruff, in your face piece of RockNRoll that I like a lot.

A musician of our current age who could probably bed three honies in one night easy is KANYE WEST. Never one shy to decry his own brilliance not sure if his new tune is ironic, honest, egotisical or all three?! Its definitely a fab track, check out ‘Ego’.

Nml x


WHITE http://www.cloudspeakers.com/en/artists/White-Denim/42e49814-6058-431c-80e2-a3aab424060d

DEAD http://thedeadweather.warnerreprise.com

EGO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJ_P0IY2jEo