Oozing Glitter

Enjoyed a whole range of diverse funky beats over the last 48 hours or so. On the big gay funky house vibe GEORGIE PORGIE linking up with BARBARA TUCKER was always likely to result in some house music gold, even the track’s name ozzes glitter, disco and mirrorball… ‘Love Vibrations‘ is a fab track.

Equaly fab and equally mirrorball-tastic is the FREEMASONS remix of GUSTO and their ‘oomp lumpa-esque’ disco house classic ‘Disco’s Revenge‘. Can’t help but wonder if they’ve been influenced by the Steve Mac track mentioned a few weeks back? Or maybe it was the other way round and the Macster got his track out quicker!

I have a deep and true love of funky house but lets be honest it aint the most challenging or ‘intriguing’ of musical forms. MAHJONGG lies totally at the other end of the ‘obvious vs interesting’ spectrum, that said their chin-stroke potential does not take aware from their funk, or certainly not with their ‘Pontiac’ track which has a real groove.

Whilst I’m doing my Professor of Electronic Dance Music thing I should also point you to another awesome Benga track,Light Bulb’ is ace, need I say more? Nope didn’t think so.

Wishing you a fabulous week

nml x