Peep Thong

WEVIE WONDER have produced a truly exceptional and unique track in the form of ‘Shut The Gate’, guaranteed to put a smile on your face (I can’t be responsible for any stupid promises made when over-excited by New Music and cannot guarantee satisfaction from this guarantee, full terms online).

SPEECH DEBELLE is an artist with some definite modjo, there’s an element of Eminem about her track.. albeit in an English, feminine, string laden and slightly melancholy kinda way (is that enough caveats in case you think I’m off my nut with that comparison?). The track I’m nattering about is ‘Go Then, Bye’.

HIS MAJESTY ANDRE has produced his best production yet in my opinion in the form of the storming piece of phat, funk enhanced House Music that is the geniusly named ‘Peep Thong’. I’d love it just for that awesome name but it happens to be an ace tune too. Real Daft Punk feel to this track.

Nml x