Playing In The Bath With My Rubber Ducky

Fumbling around on Myspace when I was meant 2b doing some work my ear drums stumbled across the delicate world of ALLOY ARK. Really like their songs, a nice ying to the yang of all this in your face stuff I’ve been raving to recently. Brand New song ‘Rub A Dub Dub’ is my fav cause it reminds me of being five years old playing in the bath with my rubber ducky.

Back to the dancefloor listening again to Annie Mac I heard a tune I may well feel ashamed of loving in six months but for now I’m loving what Ms Mac aptly proclaimed DiscoDubStep, maybe lose the step and keep to DiscoDub me thinks. HOSTAGE ‘I Get High’ is the one for all your DiscoDub lovers ; 0 )

Maintaining the poppy thread to this arvo’s post have you heard 2009’s answer to the Beach Boys yet? THE DRUMS have made an incredibly catchy summer hit in the making and I really like the simplicity of the video, can’t wait for the dance version of ‘Lets Go Surfing’ which will no doubt use the beach setting to get loads of hot girls like every dance video has since Eric Prydz!

Nml x