Please Bend Over And We Shall Proceed

Hey you, ya know when things get so ridiculously busy you don’t have time for any of the important things, you know things like you, music and our regular chats. Totally my bad, very sorry, please find it in your heart to forgive?

I promise I’ve not been off behind your back with any other bloggers, just been mad hectic in the day job. So can we know please have the New Music blog equivalent of Make-UP Sex? Yes? Fab well please bend over and I shall proceed…

Wowzer what an exciting new artist ALOE BLACC is (well new to me, he has got 20 000 mates on myspace). A soul artist with a musical aura so seductive it will reach out and embrace those not normally musically disposed to this kinda vibe. I’m struggling to pick a fav track right now, ‘What Now’ if pushed.

A new band with quite a soulful vibe (as the Celts so often do have) are Irish boys VILLAGERS, although they prefer to be considered as ‘alt-rock hobbits’. Popular at the Texan New Music feast that is SXSW I’m finding their music both relaxing and enticing, which seems a bit of contradiction. Check ‘Becoming A Jackal’.

Please place all these relaxing at times soulful vibes to one side as we have just safely negotiated another weekend, clearly we need to end our natter with a club banger. Ever heard of two siblings called THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS??! They’re back, they’re as good as ever, still the most consistent producers of quality electronic music pretty much EVER! ‘Escape Velocity’ is LARGE, LARGE, LARGE!



PS Villagers are on Jools Holland this eve, 10pm BBC2 UK peeps.