Please Forgive Me

Our new sexy Search feature installed up there to your right has disappointingly told me that I have let you down. I was sure I had but apparently I had forgotten to previously mention the ultra funky CHAKA KHAN and MARY J BLIGE collab that is ‘Disrespect Me’. I’m so foolish at times, please forgive me. Ok whilst I’m on the oops I forgot to mention vibe, particularly of an urban variety ROLL DEEP’s ‘Do Me Wrong’ is very, very catchy, somewhat ironically due to the guest female vocal.

Something I defintely heard for the first time last night {I say with certainty as the moment this particular beautiful noise started coming out of my 1Xtra fuelled speakers is now engrained for ever on my mind (1h25 in Mista Jam’s show)} is the absolutely humongous and inspired PILOSKI remix of Nina Simone’s ‘Take Care Of Business’. It does exactly that and will honor and humble any dancefloor.

An indie track that wouldn’t actually look that out of place on the dancefloor (I’d go so far as to bet it would look pretty good) is THE WHIP’s ‘Black Out’. Yet another track I thought I’d already mentioned (can you see a theme developing through this post? You’d never guess we’d got a brand spanking new search engine would ya?!) it has the driving vibe of Reverend and the Watsits Heavyweight Champ, but darker.

nml x