Poisonous Girls

Thank you for doing me the honour of sharing this online moment with me and allowing me to share with you two absolute crackers.

Grime, love it or hate I gotta say I’m getting into it more and more (admittedly 12months behind everyone else as usual). And I think I’ve discovered my favourite grime track yet.

The collective vibe of urban music does mean it can be hard to put an artist name to a track (let alone work out who the artist is!) but from what I can find out the boyz behind this track are called UNDERGROUND UNIT, but I’m not sure if that’s the end of their name… They may actually be called the not so snappy UNDERGROUND UNIT NOT ALL GIRLS ARE POISONOUS, my guess is the NAGAP bit is going to be the name of their first album but I could be way off.

Band naming skitzophrenia to one side the key thing here is an amazing track with a sonically undeniable, catchy, borderline cheesy little sample. The track is called ‘Poison‘ and its sounds like they’ve sampled the Chipmunks doing a funky house track. Honestly this needs to be heard to be believed and there’s a link below to let you do just that.

On a much less raw vibe but nonetheless just as funky are PRIMARY ONE. Something tells me their background is somewhat different to the Underground Unit boyz which in its own little way highlights the beauty of music. Totally different background, totally different experiences, totally different musical results both just as enjoyable and amazing as each other.

Their new track ‘Hold Me Down‘ may have first come into my world courtesy of Pete Tong but I think there is every chance this could cross over, ok I’m going to say it… this is a great pop record in the making. Forgive me for using the P-Word