Quentin Tarantino gets down with the Kidz

Two tracks have stepped into my life and made it that bit sweeter this week, and they are very different. I haven’t heard Bobby and Nihal for a couple of weeks but I’m sure they will be canning SUNIT and RAXSTAR’s ‘In Perspective’. How to describe it? A kinda trippy piece of Asian indie hiphop? Why don’t I stop bumbling trying to describe it and just suggest you check the MySpace link below?

It was DINKY LOOP’s ‘Get Off The Dancefloor’ that first brought my attention to this band this week, quite simply ’cause (and I know this is quite an odd and very un me word to use) its very sweet and endearing (that’s two words). Having tracked them down on MySpace {I make this sound like a mission, they popped up immediately on Google (apparently other search engines are available?} I discovered a selection of even more top tunes of which ‘Born To Stand Out’ is the stand out.




On a random note saw some clips from last week’s MOBOS. I love how random and weird Quentin Tarantino is although I’m far too much of a girl to stomach his films. BUT this didn’t stop my laughing very loudly as he crashed and burned making a joke about our PM Gordon Brown, a joke about a politician at the MOBOS????! Know your audience Quentin, know your audience my friend. I expect we’ll see you next at the Labour Party Conference jesting about Dizzie Rascal and the latest trends in grime, gabba and dubstep. Oops.

nml x