Radio One Bring Back the Smurfs

I love radio one with an intensity that if it was a human I’d most likely have an ASBO whacked on me before you can say ‘in new music we trust’ but (this is when I do my ‘its not you its me’ bit) I have to say I found the Ibiza weekend quite disappointing. In many ways it summarised why I started this blog, the frustration of our main new music outlets becoming less and less true to their roots. There I was so excited about hearing all this new music, the big Ibiza tunes that will no doubt be everywhere in a few months (by which time I’ll probably loath them!) and all courtesy of a frenzied hight energy atmosphere that radio one live events always deliver. What did we get? Pretty flat shows from some random studio at the back of Mambos playing club classic after club classic with Pete Tong tied to a Smurf!

From what I heard when we did go ‘live’ it was old stuff either from the year before or recorded earlier in the week. I’m left wondering if this is linked to all the BBC phone-in stuff?? If not then I have no idea what’s going on. Either way there is no excuse for playing so much old music, at least Tong had the excuse of that traumatic smurf experience what was everyone else’s excuse?

That said the Tong tied to a Smurf video is rather funny…