My commitment to you is simple – to go our whole natter without mentioning Jamie T. This mention about not mentioning Jamie T does not count by the way. The habit of relating new artists to existing artists is almost as prevalent as it is obvious who people will compare RATBOY to. I need to thank Phil Taggert’s excellent new show on radio uno for introducing my ears to ‘Sportswear’, the show is one packed, highly potent hour of New Music, well worth a listen or iplayer. Anywho less about Phil more about the rodent inspired boy.  ‘Sportswear’ is a remember when you first heard it kinda track, a sonic swarming around your ears of the most wondrous type. It’s got funk, it’s got soul without in anyway sounding soulful or funky, hands down this is a guitar track but there are multiple layers to it, a groove to it, an urgency to it. This is good stuff man, real good. From a man, sorry boy, I sense we’ll hear a lot from in 2015. By which time he may well be a man.

Same applies to the equally (currently) mysterious HALOS (Re hearing more of, not coming of age from boy to man), none of their social media works. Whether that’s due to realising there are millions of similarly named acts out there or a delib pr plan to hype things up who knows, if the latter it’s unnecessary as there music is doing the talking for em. Their track ‘Dust’ is a gem. Like the love child of two of my fav up and coming artists  ShelterPoint and Indiana. Evocative keys, a chugga beat (you know – a chugga beat) and a distinctive vocal meld to create something pretty special to my ears. Nice, nice, nice.

Speaking of hearing a lot of, not just in 2015 but probably every Xmas Party of 2014, MARK RONSON has just sporned the bastard successor to Get Lucky. Without doubt a pop gem that will be around for years, that without doubt will have people up and down the country going ‘what is that?’ and equally without doubt in six months time we will all be absolutely sick of having it heard it 3598 times over the proceeding 180 odd days.  ‘Uptown Funk’ with Bruno Mars will be Mr Ronson’s first number one, most probably in every country in the world, except Saudi Arabia, don’t think they’re too big on Xmas parties in Saud.




RATBOY https://soundcloud.com/ratboyratboy

HALOS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOjR5jMldYU

MARK RONSONhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPf0YbXqDm0