Remix Of The Remix

Heard an absolute bangin club track last night courtesy of a producer I thought I knew well. The scornful DJ telling me that ALEX METRIC’s ‘Wat She Wants’ has been in the hands ‘of all the good dj’s’ for a while now, oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh well that’s me told aint it?!

NATALIE DUNCAN appears for some strange reason to be a total undiscovered gem, I can’t imagine the musical Gods tolerating such ignorance from the human race for much longer. What a voice this girl has with tunes and a sassy aura to accompany it. If absolutely forced at gun point to choose a top tune I’d probably refuse and go down fighting , check em all!

Oh I keep meaning to mention how found I am of the DnB mix kicking around of this Steve Angello mix of the classic ‘Show Me Love’. Mafioso Angello has done a good job but I especially love the BLAME Remix of the Angello mix, did that make any sense?!

Nml x