Renting Clowns

Excuse me one minute would you please?

Just need to grab my arse

And put it into gear

Great that’s that finally done lets get back to sharing our favourite Brand New Music discoveries with each other…

Yes I know its predictable but the new AUDIO BULLIES track ‘Only Man’ is really doing it for me.

Not so obvious got a lot of time for new (to me at least) discovery the rather splendid (how posh did that sound?) and random THE CORRESPONDENTS. Their track ‘RentaClown’ is a wacky delight (there I go sounding all Radio 4 again) I strongly encourage you to check. The inevtiable result of being into swing, hiphop plus Drum N Bass whilst growing up in Wandsworth. That combo’s going to mess with anyone’s head.

BROKEN BELLS are getting a number of my geekier music fiends all hot under their trainsporter collars, that said anything to do with Producer SUpremo Dangermouse has that effect on them. Bit like those grainy Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee videos had on you when you were younger and more easily impressed. Only heard the one track so far and gotta say ‘The Ghost Inside’ is worthy of a Pamela-Esque reaction.