Reporter, Runaway, Shy Fx and Heathers

I’d have to name my dancefloor highlight of the weekend as the RUNAWAY REMIX of ‘Click Shaw’ by Reporter. I promise no cliché this is an incredibly sexy record. A chilled, groove laden slab of House Music topped off with a very sultry vocal. Play this in the ear of the one you lust for and they’ll be yours before you can utter ‘dya come here often?’

Being Carnival Weekend obviously a big dancefloor (or should that be hall?) vibe to my Brand Nu Discoveries. Reporter was all about the chilled pre and post ‘avin’ it moments. SHY FX’s new one was born for that peak avin it moment. A mega piece of DanceHALL for the dancefloor, ‘Raver’ is one of the most appropriately named tracks ever!

Lets end with one band pick which tickled me ears pink over the BH Weekend. Bit late on this what with them having over 150 000 views on You Tube, check out the Celtic-Charms of HEATHERS and ‘Remember When’. A track I sense may surf the fine line between love and hate in the future, currently it’s on the right side, for now.





RAVER: 34mins in