Reverend Jon McClure Does A Daily Mail?!

I’ve heard quite a few tracks off the new MONGREL album and I’ve really liked them all bar one, but hey I am biased cause I’m a big fan of The Rev. I shall definitely be investing £1.20 or whatever it is to buy The Independent this Saturday where the album is being given away for free, clearly what’s good enough for Prince is good enough for the Rev (imagine Mr Rev and The Makers himself doing a deal with The Daily Mail!).

I really like the SquelchNGroove of MIXHELL’s ‘Boom Da’. Very much surfing in on the current squelch/ electro/ fidget sound it does it well with a definite funk and cheeky edge, the ‘Boom Da Boom Da’ will make you boogie, laugh and cringe simultaneously

I’ve been hearing and loving a mix of Dan Black’s ‘Alone’ for a while but not been able to ascertain the identity of the specific mix doing it for me. Well finally the myth has been cracked thanks to Hype Machine (all bow down and worship at the HM Altar). Big up the CLOUDED VISION Remix.

Nml x