Rihanna and Deers

If you’ve been with me for a while you know that one of the main philosophies behind Brand Nu is a desire to share and appreciate all forms and genres of brand new music. Reflecting on recent posts I realise I’ve kinda been going off on one a bit (more often than not a funk, electronic bit) so lets visit some new areas.

ALESSIS ARK has been on my radar since the beginning of the year. Lets be straight as broad as my tastes are not the kinda sound that I personally go for that much, too chilled and lovely for my impatient self. And that’s exactly what her tunes are like… chilled and lovely (not impatient). So if you want to chill out tonight go to myspace and check out ‘Constellations’.

RIHANNA! Now there is an artist I’d never thought I’d find myself mentioning on Brand Nu or any platform on which I rave on about my love of New Music. But credit where it is due her new track is really good and she hasn’t had to knick any samples of Jacko this time… ‘Bad Girl’.

Back on the nice, chilled vibe of Alessis Ark and hey while we are at it let’s throw some melancholy in there too have you heard about THE DEER TRACKS. Their song ‘Slow Collusion’ is all of the above and there is also a more in your face bass heavy version which I am particularly feeling.




ARK http://www.myspace.com/alessisark

DEER http://www.myspace.com/thedeertracks