Riverdance House??

So much New Music this weekend if my head was a PC it would definitely be about to crash. Lets get the silly out of the way first then we can dump it in the recycle bin… yes its catchy and yes thanx to cheesy holiday resorts it might chart but STEVE MAC is there really any justifiable excuse for ‘Paddy’s Revenge’? Think Riverdance meets Freemasons and you have some idea what musically entertaining horror awaits you.

The JEFFY DIAMOND remix of Alto Voltaje’s ‘Mucha Ganja’ is quite literally beyond words, not just because its so damn good but its also so incredibly unique I’m not share where to start, how about ‘awesome ragga latino dub’ as a starter for ten and I mean it that is just a starter, your turn.

Tong’s Essential Tune was as storming as the artist/ remixer combination would lead you to expect. I’m currently feeling Chromeo almost as much as Tong himself so when ‘most promiscuous remixer of 2008’ LAIDBACK LUKE is announced as looking after production dities on ‘Fancy Footwork’ anything other than a House Whooper would have been very disappointing. No disappointment delivered I’m glad to say.

STUSH is back with an attempt penetrate the Top 40 pretty much a year after her incredible track with Groove Armarda. And ‘Dollar Sign’ definitely has cross-over potential. Its got that Calvin Harris pop dance sound but with the bassy filth that Stush worked to such great effect with GA, with the right promo this could do well.

And I do know what I’m talking about on these things I like to think, big up The Tings Tings first mentioned back on Brand Nu back in July 07 for getting to Number One yesterday. Lets just not mention all the predictions that ended up in the bargain bin ey? ; 0 )

nml x