RnB Seduction Dynamite

Couple of urban picks from my time listening to 1Xtra last night (R1 were a bit Foo-Tastic for me as much as I love DG’s hair)

FRISCO, BASHY, JME and BLACK DA RIPPA is quite a line-up and with that much talent you’d kinda expect something decent at the end (or a total mess after all the egos clash just a bit too much) . Chilled, melodic and thoughtful the ‘Time Is Right’ REMIX would have sounded even better a bit later as the sun set.

Definitely my fav SEAN GARRETT track so far is his collab with PHARRELL. Its called ‘Patron’ and its total RnB seduction dynamite. Save your dough on the blue tabs and just bung this on ; 0 )

Also enjoyed hearing yet another producer take on that old skool ‘Beggin’ track. Will MADCON succeed where Poliski failed last year and make it the summer anthem it so has the potential to be? I hope so, much prefer this to some cheesy euro anthem via Majorca.

nml x