Romanian Gypsies On Mushrooms At Graduation

What a truly beautiful song ‘Walk on Water’ is. It’s by a new band (in my world at least) called THE REST. So calming and restful and yet layered with more than a tinge of anguish. Has the potential to set you off in a restful meditative state only to start lacing the seeds of some scary nightmares.

Had a note in my Brand Nu Little Black Book bout GYRATORY SYSTEM for ages but I’ve only just deciphered my half three in the morning code. ‘Barons Court Turret’ isn’t just a fruit loop of a name it’s a fruit loop of a noise, totally barmy… think Romanian gypsies on mushrooms at their music tech college graduation party. You’re much clearer now aren’t you??

Away from all this underground mushroom taking meditative madness if ‘Killer On The Dancefloor’ was by the Sugababes rather than relative unknown PRIVATE it would be number one, its that good, and yes that cheesy too.