We’ve often asked the great question of our time here on Brand Nu. Forget the riots, World Peace get to the back what I want to know is HOW THE FLYING FUCK IS RONIKA NOT FAMOUS YET? She has it all, she is a fully fledged world popstar ready to go, a great image and yeah she can write those ‘song’ things too (almost a mere added bonus in these ‘Xfactorised’ times).

It’s almost as if she is too good for modern pop, we don’t deserve her having sold our Pop-Soul to the reality shows. I feel like inventing a time machine (cause obviously I can do this whenever I want, simply need the motivation), kidnapping her and taking her back to a time when she’d be more appreciated. Perhaps landing my tardus atop a 19 year old Madonna changing time for ever, suddenly Ronika is the most successful female pop singer of all time*.

You might have gathered by now I’m rather musically smitten, and I haven’t even mentioned how ace new track ‘In The City’ is. Ah well I have now.

KOF is a brand new artist to me, one that my ears are looking forward to getting to know better, and who knows where after a few dates it could go?! I’m thinking marriage and babies based on this first outing. ‘Looking At Me’ is a great piece of Soulful Pop, this has hit written all over ONCE we have all woken up and realised that the ‘David-Getta-I-Sation’ of pop music has turned everything into electro urban crap.

Totally unique, totally independent, totally not pop {but actually is it? It’s certainly very catchy in its Kitsch-Punk way (something tells me they’ll hate that description)} is ‘1.99’ by THE INDICATORS. I like the tune, I like the delivery and I love the lyrics, an anthem for Poundshop lovers and inflation haters who still do things the old fashioned way. By which I mean they actually pay for their trainers and plasma tvs, on credit cards of course, but they do pay for them.







*Madonna is the most successful female pop singer of all time. Fact. Well at least in Canada.