Ronseal and Onomatopoeic New Music

Its very hard for me to engage in any form of objective analysis when it comes to New Music emanating from the Godlike Genius’s that are the SUPER FURRY ANIMALS. I love them and surprise, surprise I love their new album. If really pushed to pick a fav track whilst the wisdom of the myspace crowd is saying ‘Crazy Naked Girls’ (a concept which I concede is very appealing) my personal fav track is the equally genius named (although for me not quite as linguistically alluring) ‘The Very Best Of Neil Diamond’.

Heard an absolute fruitloop of a band on Xfm last night thanks to John Kennedy. They are called THE LOVELY EGGS and their song ‘If You Were A Fruit’ well definitely make you smile as well as acting as audio substitute for one of your five fruit and veg a day. Listening to their Myspace I@m gadl to say their other material is just as mental.

On the funk vibe my favourite dance floor discovery this week has without doubt been the new DIPLO rework of the classic Young MC track ‘Bust A Move’. The song’s name is Ronseal and the music is onomatopoeic, the sort of track that will have you move busting and shape throwing all night long.

nml  x