Ronseal Tracks

Couple of Zane Lowe ‘hottest’ records (courtesy of Huw Stephens) to mention that have certainly done what it says on the tin. I was unsure at first about WILEY’s ‘Summertime’ when heard on Mista Jam’s 1Xtra show ( I’m very protective of my Daft Punk samples) but now I have come round. I knew it was big, I knew it would be even bigger but I wasn’t sure whether I could cope with it, now I love it (I’ll probably hate it again tomorrow).

No doubts at all about HIGH CONTRAST working his magic on Eric Prydz’s ‘Piano’, the moment I heard of the very idea of this musical hook-up I was excited. You know like when you hear two friends have got it together and you’re like.. ‘ahh they’d have really good-looking babies’ , its like that but the result is DnB not little people. The original is a big tune, this is totally mahoosive, Empire State-Esque.

nml x


WILEY (30mins in)

HIGH CON (30mins in)