RU Ready To Grumble?

Big up to one of my favourite Radio One DJs Bobby Friction for introducing me to the sort of dark, menacing sound I’d normally expect to have dropped on me by his esteemed and rather cute colleague Mary Anne Hobs.

GOONDA’s ‘Infiltrate The Dragon’ empahises what I really love about Bobby’s so called ‘Asian’ show and that is the variety of news sounds and noises it introduces to me not to mention the ways those sounds and noises are combined. So much more than just ‘being Asian’ its celebrates not just New Music but New Noise, hey some one should call a radio show that {ello Jon Hilcock ; 0 ) }.

The other track that stood out for me on Bobby’s show was by a gent (I am assuming here) called DJ GREAT SCOTT who we’ve fallen for before (musically speaking). Its funny I was listening to this track and thinking I really lke the weay it rumbles/ grumbles along and when I looked back that was exactly what I said about his last track. If you like bass, if you like grumble DJ Great Scott’s ‘Bollygraph Test’ will get you ready to rumble! Sorry bout that thought I was on Gladiators for a minute.

MAGIC ARM we were for me (and as it turned out also for you) a clear winner of this week’s Fresh Meat despite being up against the very strong and previously Brand Nu’d Kabeedies. My random note at the time as well as noting how good ‘Widths and Heights’ sounded commented ‘Beech Boys meets Go Team!’ which now a day later has me confused but amused too, I wonder if Magic Arm are from the coast too?

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MAGIC bout 100mins in at