Russian Under Bellies

So yeh I’ve been away and my do I have some awesome tracks to share with you, I’m not quite sure where to start so lets head to one of my favourite places in the world… that would be the dancefloor, possibly depending on the podium depending on beverages consumed and cute girls in attendance… and then the dream ends as I get the rejection slap.

There has been an eastern europe/ under-belly of Russia vibe to House tracks for a while now, certainly since that accordian sampling track whose name escapes me just at the mo?? I am absolutely loving PAUL HARRIS and ALEX TEPPER’s ‘Terris’ which is big on the Russian under-belly vibe!

On a very different dancefloor, the third room of the club at five am perhaps you might hear the incrediblely considered, chilled and slightly scary chilled groove of NITE JEWEL. Everything they do rocks in a totally non-rocking way but right at this mo I can’t get enough of ‘What Did He Say.

Back into the main room but on a DrumNBass vibe I love how the new DANNY BYRD track starts as a funk monster before then morphing incredible Hulk transition style into a DnB Monster. Its called ‘Red Mist’ and its awesome.

nml x