Saucy Mood

Going to keep it super brief this week as I’m out and about. Esteemed title of my Fav House tune of weekend (seriously its up there with the honor of getting an Essential Tune I’m sure, hang on didn’t I say I was keeping this brief?) goes to HAPPY HOUSE and ‘ ?? ‘. Not going to win any musical innovation awards but definitely does the job.

I like tunes that tell stories. CAGE THE ELEPHANT were clearly in a saucy mood and/ or had just experienced an ‘interesting’ weekend – when they wrote ‘No Rest For The Wicked’. Funky and funny that’s a combo we like here, don’t you?

NEW ROYALES ‘Posers’ track really caught my attention over the weekend. Sounds like JAY Z on vocals although as this tune is on the slightly camp side of Latino Funk I’m guessing Jay is featured courtesy of a Brazilian sampler rather than voluntary studio experience, but hey he can hardly complain about peeps using samples!

nml x