Scandinavians Drinking Ginger Beer

ZOMBIE NATION ain’t had a track (not at least that I’m aware of) since I was about 17! Good things come to those that wait and all that vibe cause I’m really feeling the dance floor merits of ‘Seas of Greece’.

On a very different tip my indifference to her first new single has been blasted out of the water by single two. Teaming up with JOHN PARISH I am loving the new P J HARVEY track. Tis called ‘Black Hearted Love’ and its rather fabulous. She is also looking rather hot in the video in a scary, drenched ice-maiden kinda way.

My third biggie to share is a very foul mouthed affair from Peter, Bjorn and John clearly trying to counter their very wholesome, Scandinavian running about in the countryside whistling and drinking ginger beer image. With some help from GOLDEN FILTER on the Remix I’m very much feeling ‘Lay It Down’ in this musical form.

nml x