Having spent quite a bit of time over the years talking (perhaps that should be ranting?) about our mutual love of brand new music you will have picked up on my fondness for electronic tuneage hailing from the other side the of the English Channel. It’s sad I know but it’s one of those musical relationships whereby if I know a track is French and Electronic I go into a psychological preset where I am going to love the tune regardless of whether it is actually wack.

So I hope the new SEBASTIAN track really is as good as my ears, wiggling ass and shuffling toes tell me it is. Can’t wait to hear ‘Embody’ on a big soundsystem this weekend (hint hint Easter Weekend disc jockeys), just builds and builds and builds.

Keeping it not just electronic but also in the increasingly frequent world of ‘House Music at a HipHop tempo’. I’m a big fan of this sound. Yes I love my 125bpm Four-to-the-Floor traditional ‘House Music’ but I’m also increasingly partial do this slower groove and the way it allows tracks, I don’t know it’s hard to describe, it kinda gives them more ‘musical space’ if that makes any sense? Which lends itself to the aforementioned ‘building and building’ phenomena that creates those spine-tingling euphoric vibes on a dark, dark dance floor.

The DILLON FRANCIS Remix of Toddla T’s ‘Take It Back’ is one of the best examples of this sound yet, in my not so humble opinion.

Back to the world of band’s. Feeling watshisface from The Horror’s new band CATS EYES. For some reason this make me think of both Mike Flowers Pops and The Doors, yes I realise both how random and blasphemous that proclamation is, but we’re friends so I feel I can be upfront with you. Oh and there is also a strong female vocal presence in ‘Face In The Crowd’ which makes my comparison even more musical erratic (and basically inaccurate).

Hope you get lots of eggs, especially one of those posh butterscotch ones