Second Dates – Should I Or Shouldn’t I?


All the hype over the weekend has been bout the new HOT CHIP track, I’m still uncertain if I love it, bit like when you wondering whether to go on a second date with that hotty. Hence it didn’t quite make it into last week’s top three.

My Brand New shocker over the last couple of days has been finding myself really liking a COURTEENERS record. Their new track ‘Cross My Heart And Hope To Fly’ is different for them and I’m really, really keen.

Keep forgetting to mention this new WILEY track. Possibly cause it reminds of horrific 90s tunes such as the to be fair at the time very original White Town ‘Your Woman’. Sampling that, Wiley’s ‘Never Be Your Woman’ has a very different sultry under-the-radar vibe.

Out and bout live had the pleasure of catching DEAD CONFEDERATE do their thing. When playing songs like the incredible ‘Rat’ they sound truly amazing creating a really hypnotic humongous wall of sound. Other times they sounded really dull.